5 Essential Features of Best Project Management Software For Startups

Managers work on multiple projects simultaneously to ensure that the desired goals are met within the fixed deadline. Thus, project management work comes with many difficulties due to the complicated dynamics. By applying advanced technology, Project management software makes this hectic work easier so that the managers can input the right amount of effort and time into every project. Using project management software can contribute to the smooth collaboration and communication among team members regarding essential data and updates so that the project does not come across unnecessary delay.

So, if you still have not chosen a project management app for your small business, let us unfold the five essential qualities every best project management software for startups should feature. 

  • Task Management 

    The Task Management feature allows you to keep a record of the tasks and subtasks under the ongoing project. One task can include several subtasks which different team members execute. So, with this incredible feature, you can fix deadlines, prioritize tasks, and improve collaboration at the same time. 
  • Scheduling

    No project is permanent. Projects continue for a certain period; thus, scheduling is a significant part of every project execution process and should be present in the best project management software for startups. Scheduling lets you flexibly customize dependable tasks, buffers, and deadlines to have a firm grip over project coordination.
  • Integration

    One project consists of several moving elements. Hence, your project management platform should allow you to integrate all the necessary documents into one database for faster access and sharing. This feature will assist in quick client feedback and the easy management of a project distributed in several teams. 
  • Collaboration

The collaboration feature will allow you to be up to date about all the information regarding the current project. So, while looking for a project management tool for startups, you should consider that it offers a chat platform among the team members for hassle-free collaboration. It is essential to ensure that the collaboration feature of the project management software lets you receive immediate notifications about the completion of projects, upcoming deadlines, or any other necessary actions. Also, it should feature essential smartphone alerts to make you informed about all the real-time updates irrespective of your location. 

  • Dashboard and Reporting 

    With dashboards and reports, you can receive a strategic overview of the project’s overall status. Basically, it will offer you a brief sketch of the project scenario by the end of a week or month. The perfect project management tool for startups will combine all the crucial data regardingteam performance, schedule, cost, and resources usability in a well-structured manner to assist the manager in an easy execution process. Even visual metrics and graphical representation deliver a clearer picture of the project status. 

    Collabey, the best project management software for startups., possesses unique features at an affordable rate that you can use for the efficient management of your professional projects in reduced time and resources. With facilities like a calendar, project scheduling, reporting, dashboards, real-time updates, task management, and many more, Collabey is the ultimate platform for advanced project management in the modern professional world. Collabey will not disappoint you with its irreplaceable properties, specially manufactured to assist small business growth. 

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