Automate Project Management And HR Workflows For Teams

With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the world underwent a paralyzing effect. Businesses suffered a great deal due to the inability to shift their works into online mode. With new upgraded remote work culture is here to stay as per a recent article in Forbes this year. It is imperative that businesses today adapt to optimize remote teamwork with an easy interface and advanced features.

From managing individual employees to multiple offices, the platform empowers small, medium-sized project teams and businesses to pace with the fast-changing business world with Covid-19. offers Automate project management and HR

workflow for teams to help businesses assert themselves in the rapidly changing digital world.

In a world that is becoming increasingly socially distant, the HR Automation software can ensure stability to workspaces, reducing their workload. It becomes fairly easy to adapt to a

fast-changing world and to prepare for more technological innovations to come. is a one-stop solution to a range of issues plaguing commercial enterprises and helps in calibrating all the processes under one umbrella. With a fast, automated, up-to-date system, business operations get simplified and organized.

The HR Automation tools simplify a multitude of processes, from tracking the growth of individual employees to analyzing the overall productivity of the workspace.

What is the importance of automation in HR? Without affecting the quality of work, office spaces can save time and multiply efficiency through this automation software. It ensures risk-free performance management, enhancing data visible in a single dashboard.

Accelerating the various processes and reducing the expenses, the automation tools bring about considerable modifications to the sphere.

Leverage our online tool at with the below features:-

  • Employee Management: the tool keeps track of the employee data, their attendance, performance charts, payroll, and other processes like holiday allowance, medical leaves and allowances and more. This helps the employers get a comprehensive idea about every individual and facilitates effective communication between them.
  • Roles Management: One big worry about automated software is the security risks it poses. But the software is kept curated for different users, providing necessary information to specific users. This helps in categorizing information for administrative and business purposes, without any confusion or disorder. Sensitive information remains discrete and would be at the avail of specified users.
  • Managing Multiple Offices: If a company is based on multiple locations, it gets increasingly difficult to keep a consistent database across the branches. But with the help of a single automated software, this process gets easier. No matter the location of the employee or the office space, the software proves to be enormously favourable.
  • Security and Safety: uses TLS security encryptions, and is hosted on AWS cloud which implements firewalls and creates restrictions on the servers to protect user information. With regular backing up of data, any breach or data loss is prevented as well.
  • User Friendly Interface:- Users can access all the features and services for 14 days without any credit card details. Equipped with consistent online support, we ensure the satisfaction of our customers to the highest extent. With an effortless upgrading process and easy navigation through the platform, business processes are made accessible and stress-free.

The HR Automation software is thus an integral addition to small businesses and start-ups, reducing the multiple risks and errors. Saving time and unnecessary paperwork, the automated Project Management system amplifies strong administration and organization.

Compounded with a trial period that allows customers to check the efficiency of the software, we secure customers’ trust. Furthermore, seamless online customer service is also assured to alleviate any problems faced by users.

Try our free trial today for the project management tool online to ensure an immensely productive workstation. With an accurate and rapid automated process, processes such as updating information, planning future projects, assessing past endeavors become effortless. helps create an advanced database at the disposal of employers and employees, hand-selected for each. This aids small and medium businesses immensely, as this helps reduce the workload of the HR team and decluttering office spaces.

In addition to saving a considerable amount of money, communication and coordination processes among the workforce are facilitated to a higher extent as well.

Purchase the services of today to revolutionize workspaces and subscribe for more details.

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