Get Real-time Alert Notifications on the Dashboard For Your Team

Obtain real-time alert notifications of important company updates on your dashboard. Explore this simple yet effective feature today from!

While working on projects we sometimes miss the important updates and communication from our team which leads to extra-time or rework. In today’s digital work world, the switch to online workspaces from traditional spaces has been a demanding task. This steep technological shift demanded a slew of measures to effectively manage the work teams virtually.

With, we have introduced the novel feature of real-time alert notifications for important company updates which helps companies create announcements and updates on the dashboard, catching your team’s attention immediately. From ensuring that alerts are delivered promptly within one’s enterprise, this feature will keep your team attuned with the latest updates.

The Real-time dashboards notifications on the platform help declutter the space, prioritizing important tasks and focusing on the most pressing matters. They serve the work teams immensely, creating alerts and push notifications to a preferred communication channel.

The feature helps you envision your project goal, timelines and create better communication channels with employees. The automated project management dashboard ensures stability to workspaces, allowing them to categorize issues and news accordingly.

Other communication channels such as e-mails, app-based messaging systems could lead to creating more digital noise.

Utilizing advanced technological innovations, this tool helps overcome some of the limitations virtual teams face. The platform offers a one-stop solution to a range of issues plaguing small enterprises, with a fast, automated and up-to-date system.

What are the benefits of using real-time notification alerts, after all?

  • It helps you to connect and engage across the organization: the online tool helps to disseminate messages to individual users or groups of people. This saves time and coordinates between different work stations, time zones and physical locations. By designing an effective communication channel thus, multiple barriers are overcome.
  • Big announcements in the company: keeping the team members and employees aware of the larger company proceedings is an integral part of modern work culture. This helps to dispel uncertainties, creating a feeling of belongingness in the workspace.
  • Success stories, announcements and updates: Reducing potential errors and other risks, the tool helps create important alerts, beneficial to the morals of the office space. The online project management tools at provide the perfect landscape for a virtual environment by offering an easy interface for work goals.
  • Ask Questions: the team management dashboard alerts are often followed by options to put up user queries. This creates transparency and facile communication between members, eliminating doubt and inconsistencies.
  • Add comments or like announcements: this feature also helps to comment out to or like any updates on the dashboard. Supplementing the function of direct correspondence, the online tool serves as an integral addition to small and medium enterprises.

The online tools at allow workspaces to embrace their unique ethics of working, increasing their professionalism. The Real-time dashboards alert on the platform facilitates communication across teams, conveying updates and messages quickly and effectively.

With a free trial period that allows customers to check the efficiency of the tool, we secure the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Seamless online customer service and easy navigation of the platform ensure uncomplicated business processing and a stress-free approach to budding startups.

Avail our free trial services for online project management tools and observe how it enriches productivity and cost-effectiveness of commercial spaces.

With the customization of real-time alert notifications on dashboards, users can customize notification settings to certain groups or team members. The optimised alert system saves a substantial amount of time for companies to stay updated, track progress and improve the efficiency of projects.

Regulating the information overload and prioritizing announcements, these online tools bring about a positive change in virtual workspace environments.

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