Say bye to manual work and collaborate online

With the advancement in Digital Science, business’s today are automating many functions to improve
productivity and reduce costs of running and maintaining the business. According to recent research in
Forbes, 40% of workers spends a quarter of their workweek, doing mundane and repetitive tasks.
Automation provides flexibility to small or medium scale business to use their resources more creatively
and with increased efficiency.

Managing numerous projects and associated employees is not a piece of cake if you don’t have the right
tool for your rescue. People do not want to follow processes and system which drain them instead
require tools which make their tasks and projects easier.

As an entrepreneur or team lead, reducing manual work and automating convenient tasks will give your
team more time to divert their energy to high impact work and step ahead of the curve. Below some
features from our online tool that will make your journey flexible and easier:-

Track HR Operations with one click:- Manage or assign all HR tasks with deadlines to your executives.
You can track progress from start to finish, rearrange workflows and reduce any redundant tasks. No
hassle to email task list to everyone or check updates.

No Lengthy spreadsheet any more:- Collabey add and invite feature lets you add your employees where
they can manage their personal information and profile details, which can be downloaded anytime. It
gives rest to maintaining those lengthy spreadsheets and data recording techniques or paperwork. Voila!

Employee Coordination and Engagement:- Collabey software will help you keep your employees
updated with any changes in policies, plan or pitch meeting and track progress report for each employee.
Send training calendars to employees, adding task reminders or updates for tasks will be easier with

Bird View Dashboard Delight:- View and track all your projects status in real-time insights to help you
stay ahead in the game. Forecast any upcoming delays in projects easily and draw new guidelines to
meet project requirements without any client escalation. Woohoo!

Communication Box:- We streamline all the internal communication regarding projects or pending
actions with a chatbox, kanban board or by tagging the person in the chat to use team collaboration
effectively and dynamically. Thus, no excuses or any last-minute changes.

With Collabey say goodbye to Manual work and collaborate online for all your HR and Project
management activities. Different organization are leveraging automation tools to add your quality to the
work and stay competitive.

Work smarter with new-age digital resources by adding automation to spend more time on high-value
creative tasks which will increase employee engagement in work. If you are not currently using our online collaboration tool to manage your projects and HR functions, it is certainly necessary to upgrade
in today reality with less money than you think.

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